Craft Incense at Home with our “Introduction to the Art of Hand-Rolled Incense Workshop and Supplies Kit”

Are you burnt out on generic, artificial chemical, soulless scents in your home? Would you like to learn a new skill with your hands and step up your medicine making?  Bring a touch of nature and serenity into your living space with our Introduction to the Art of Hand-Rolled Incense Workshop and Supplies Kit. Unlock the secrets of botanicals and create your own unique and all-natural incense blends from the comfort of your home.  Our comprehensive online class is designed to teach you the art of making incense from botanicals, allowing you to tap into the rich history and spiritual significance of this ancient practice.  

This workshop is presented by community herbalist Kyle Denton with a unique focus on the medicinal, elemental, and astrological properties of the aromatic plants that bring depth to your understanding and an expansion of the senses.  

With over 12 medicinal, aromatic plants in this gift box, you'll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of scents and create personalized incense that suits your preferences. Our class includes a 36-page book with detailed Materia Aromatica that guides you through the entire process, providing step-by-step instructions and valuable tips and techniques.  There is also a 40 minute video workshop that participants will have access to as well.  

Not only will you learn how to make incense, but we also provide all the necessary supplies in our convenient kit. This means you don't have to worry about sourcing ingredients.  We use high quality botanical ingredients and that’s it.  99 percent of incense on the marketplace uses chemical fragrance with several thousand ingredients or saltpeter combustors that are dangerous for health.  What you will learn is how to craft a medicinal form of incense using only plants, no funny business.  

The contents of this box will produce 25-50 pieces of incense, but also the skill to make as many more as you wish.  Bring this box to gatherings with family and friends, or make the incense solo and offer the incense as gifts later - Share the fun!

The contents of the box

  • A video workshop
  • 36 page book
  • 12 aromatic botanical plants
  • Botanical binder 
  • Censer for holding incense
  • Ashes
  • Charcoal