Box includes:

In-Spired Word - lungs and communication support tincture: this blend of peppermint, lovage, tulsi, monarda, gotu kola, sage flower essence and angelica flower essence expand the capacity of clarity in the lungs and mind.  A few drops and you’ll want to take a deep breath through your smile.  

Sacred Twin Hydrosol: A group made hydrosol of garden harvested lavender, hyssop, ground ivy, tulsi, and spearmint, with added sage flower essence and angelica flower essence.  

Breath Brew - Gemini Green Tea - Jasmine green tea, linden, rose and tulsi for a smooth and flowery pep up.

Gemini Incense: a hand rolled blend of the finest botanicals, no fillers, fragrance or funny business, just herbs of galbanum (a resin that comes from a type of fennel that grows in the desert) tulsi, white sage, sandalwood, palo santo and makko bark.

A mini zine: with writing and art on Gemini and the herbs

The gemini can be supported through communication.  Our throat chakra, when healthy and balanced, is capable of expressing in the most beneficial way, and is also not obstructed from being heard.  A mind spoken with sharpness, wit and humor breaks the cycle for disease to trickle in from energetic stagnation.  

The season of gemini calls for good maintenance for our reception to the animating lifeforce of spirit through our lungs.  It’s always a good policy to leave the place better than it was found.  If breathing good air, let go of better air.  Bless the wind for moving away stationary, boring air, and for strengthening the plants through stress.  Tame the holy gust by grounding out excess emotional electricity into the green grass, through the bare feet, (such a fine pair.)