Something is cooking and it smells good!  Is it the incense we made?  Is it the essential oils and skin toning hydrosol we extracted in an alchemical process with a copper still?  Is it the fresh plants we identified and gathered for our medicine?  Is it the tea we are sipping?  It’s all of that and more.  


What: Join us for a day-long event of foraging, medicine making and ritual.  This Aromatics Intensive workshop will include in-depth tutorials on virtues and magic of aromatic medicine. The students will be provided with the tools and supplies to make and take home a pack of ritual incense, learn the ancient alchemical art of distillation to extract essential oils and hydrosol from plants that we gather on site with loving intention.  We will begin the day with a foraging walk to learn the virtues and distinguish the different medicines of wild aromatic plants.  After we place them into our still to begin the extraction process the class will break for a short lunch (bring your own).  After lunch we will regroup with a tea blending meditation.  Then we will learn how to create a ritual incense.  We’ll make a sinus and face lifting herbal steam, and finally bottle our group distillation to wrap up the day.  


Students will leave the class with:

  • A hydrosol/essential oils from the herbs foraged that day
  • A pack of their own hand-rolled ritual incense
  • A tea bend
  • A decongestive herbal steam
  • Written materials and the ability to replicate the process again


When: Sunday, July 23rd from 10 am - 5:00


Where: Pleasant Prairie Wi


This is a limited class of 15 people. Once we meet the maximum number of participants we will close the enrollment.