Taurus blend- the meadows of Shangai-la

Taurus the bull is a sign of the tilled, damp, fertile, fixed Earth and ruled by Venus, the archetype of senses, beauty and lovelies.  The Taurus is so steady, so grounded, so resourceful, so loyal and so strong that if they like someone and the direction that they are headed, then Taurus will forever be their beast of burden. They’re beautiful too, have a penchant towards the pleasures of material and sensuality in this realm. After all, senses are friends and that why they’re called tastebuds, right?

Unyoke, grab a favorite book, play that record again for the 10th time this week, sip a drink from the mug that references a favorite movie, and light up our limited edition Taurus incense blend to fill the air with the smell of freshly cut hay sprinkled with flowers.

Roses of red,

Violets of the countryside

The sweetgrass is always sweeter

On the Taurus’s side


Mood: running fingers through the mane of the winner of the blue ribbon at the county fair while feeding them a juicy carrot, cream of the crop- steamed and frothed and served in a ceramic mug, working in the garden without gloves or shoes, having a leather chair so broken in that it feels uncomfortable to any other butt, wearing a tiara of dandelion flowers, constant chewing and nonstop nibbling, a bell and a whistle, a Swedish maiden with intricate blond braids and a silk dress calling the herd with a song that echos through the valleys.

Body: Throat, voice, tastebuds, jaw, the instinct to procreate