We've been making this tea for our clients with IBS and colon issues for a few years, and have been having quite a bit of success.  This blend is indicated to help regulate and soothe inflammation in the colon.  That can present as both fast/loose stools or slow, hard/strained stools.  Here is kinda how it works:  There are herbs that soothe and cool and coat the hot and inflamed passage ways.  There's an herb in this blend that improves the tone -the integrity of the large intestines while mildly stimulating peristalsis.  There's herbs that will help decongest built up antibodies in the lower burner.  There's an herb that helps repair these tissues.  There's an herb that can help bulk up loose stools while regulating transit time, something that is a vital part of absorbing nutrition.  This blend has been well loved by so many people with specific large intestine problems, and now it is available for the public.  

100% organic ingredients of:


Yellow Dock

Slippery Elm Bark

Holy Basil


Each bag contains 60 grams

FDA disclaimer: this product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent disease.