Made with the fresh plant, harvested during the summer solstice when the solar energy is peaking.

This St. John's Wort is tinctured fresh to really show the powerful medicine from the hypericin, the anti-inflammatory compound that makes a ~good~ St. John's Wort tincture turn red.
I blend this with the Lemon Balm from my garden. Both of these plants together make a synergistic formula that lightens the mood, shines the sun into the body, relaxes the mind, clears brain fog. I use it often to heal my muscles after a strenuous workout, but this formula excels for those who get the blues.  Lemon Balm and St. John's wort are great herbal antivirals as well.  This is a multi purpose formula.
Contains 100% sustainbly wildcrafted and organically cultivated fresh herbs in alcohol, never dried, process right away for maximum potency.
Comes in 1 oz.
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The FDA has not reviewed this statement.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose.  Talk to your health practitioner to determine if it is safe to use.  Do not use while pregnant or taking medication.