The remedies in Practical Home Care Medicine are mainly those that Sophia Christine Murphy grew up with and that tend to have a large following in both North America and Europe. They include traditional herbal teas as well as homeopathic remedies, many drawn from the anthroposophic approach to medicine and healing, which was first developed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman, an MD, with the aid of Weleda, now an international maker of natural remedies.

Practical Home Care Medicine offers a wealth of practical information, tinctures, teas, and ointments, along with helpful information on their preparation and uses. These practical medicines provide a wide assortment of useful methods for dealing with common ailments. Drawn from the broad experience of parents, nurses, and physicians, Practical Home Care Medicine is an easy-to-follow health guide that will help keep your family healthy and become a trusted companion in the home.