Pisces Blend:

I greet you from the deeps, where Neptune never sleeps.  

Our mind’s eye sees vast reefs of coral, 

our mind’s nose, bouquet of salty sea floral.  

and for those traditionally, who declare unconditionally, 

“Modern correspondence is stupider, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter”

Yes, all, both, for the Pisces mentality

Can transcend monism and duality.

Pisces represents a completion of the zodiac wheel, and thus all of the lessons of each sign are present.  (now take a moment to imagine this previous year from here, and what lessons you have integrated and learned.)  All systems become circular, according to Godel’s “Incompleteness theorem,” and eventually have to appeal outside of themselves.  To put it in Piscean: if you’re stuck in a wave and I toss you a lifesaver, but you can’t grasp it, just know that beyond the bitter end of the line there still remains faith.  A lifeguard of embodied wisdom, like the sea itself.  This is a water sign, and while water flows, we also can think of it as its own vessel capable of holding information, wisdom, emotions and spanning from one shore to another.  Are land dwelling, dry skinned humans, separated from primal source also vessels of emotion and information, even if we carry the same minerals and salts as the oceans?  Or do we flow and seek a low point to rest and reflect?  “I believe” yes, and no, and both.

We created a blend sympathetic to the season.  Two actually, like the fishes of the constellation.  A smoky incense and a watery one.  Pisces, at the end of the long zodiac year gives itself permission to close our eyes and dream into reality what it is that we might focus on when the cycle begins again at the spring equinox.  A blend of sandalwood changes any room into the Great Halls of meditation.  Kelp (wait, like the seaweed?  Yes, the seaweed, it’s pretty awesome) gives a hint of saltiness and the memories of the beach.  And working through the scummy muddy mucky, gukky water grows a lotus, that when reaches the surface of the water blooms with the most intoxicating scent, a scent worthy of the company of any of the ancient egyptian heroes’ pineal glands.  

This is a limited batch, as usual.

Mood:  Two ships passing in the night, not starting the day until finishing lucid dream that has downloaded kung fu to destroy the Matrix, No prayer beads around neck because all other 12 pairs were given away, A day-off after a good night sleep, Screaming under the water and coming up for a laugh, “Would you like to Moodify your subscription for Moodest Mood of the Moods to include an expansion pack of Mood?” - No but also yes, Still awake wondering about the deeper meaning of the staring competition with the expressionless toddler in line at the grocery store, Bringing 3 books and a pack of tarot cards to the beach but napping instead, An advertisement that forces tears, listening to a heartbeat with an ear on another chest

Body: Soles of the feet, Pineal Gland, Lymphatic System, Tootsies

10 hand rolled cones