This is a featured item in our Scorpio box and is a limited edition item. 
it features wildhsrvested and organic herbs extracted in alcohol and water. These herbs are restorative to the inner and outer terrain and encourage parasites to skeedadle, move along. 
Scorpio new moon and resetting the terrain for another fruitful year. In my view of vitalism, I work with metaphysical parasites as in disembodied energy, as well as physical parasites, which I view as a physical manifestation of the spiritual energy that is already inhabiting an environment. I also wonder, what is the ecological function of a parasite? It is worth noting that parasites are performing a service of bio remediation to an unhealthy environment, chowing down on heavy metals, dying tissue, etc. There’s no encouragement to fight against self in this formula. Just a gentle restoration to get the flow moving along. Use a drop for spirit dose or a few more for a dense vibration.


uva ursi, pau d’arco, chickweed, black walnut, mugwort, prairie sage, poke root