This hydrosol was made with fresh mugwort harvested from the garden. 
This is a subtle yet potent way to use mugwort for dream work and creating protected spaces. 
mugwort has a long tradition of offering protection, and cleansing energies from spaces, as well as tapping into the other states of mind suck as meaningful dreams and inspiration. I love to spray this before I do a tarot spread, as I’m sitting down to write in my journal, or on my pillow before bed on the full moon. 
Hydrosols work well as a facial toner due to the ph, and suspension of essential oils. As a result, I recommend this product for “proud skin” that has a hard time healing. 
following the alchemical art of transmutation through a copper still we created a mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) hydrosol. 
Product is in a 2 oz amber Boston round bottle with fine mist sprayer.