“What was the name of that thing that we got at that place?” How often do you find yourself asking something like that? How often do you go into a room and forgot what it was that you went in there? Maybe you’re just living with some days that are foggy, while others are clear.
This is the stuff for you.
We’ve carefully selected the best botanicals and blended them with expert finesse.
These are cerebral stimulants, they are beneficial to the circulation to the brain, they help repair the nerves through a process called remyelination, they improve focus and alertness, and herbs that are grounding to the body and nervous system.
Contains 100% organic and locally harvested herbs extracted in alcohol and water
Lions Mane
Tulsi (holy basil)
Gotu Kola

Comes in a 1 oz amber bottle

Support your precious cognitive health.

FDA disclaimer: this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illness.