Magnesium is essential for muscles to relax. Without magnesium muscles can tighten, camp, twitch, or just have an overall sensation of tension in the body. Very often it may be the case that conditions such as anxiety and restlessness are simply a mineral deficiency in the body. The use of topical magnesium is one amazing way to even your keel, as it is generally absent in the American diet (found primarily in leafy greens) and is difficult to digest in a supplement causing digestive problems. Topically applied however, it absorbs immediately and gives much relief and relaxation. I love this to ease my body and mind before bed, or even after a workout in order to heal my muscles. Some people feel that it has a tingling sensation when applied, but that usually goes away in a moment. That sensation is an indication of magnesium deficiency in my experience.

Contains magnesium chloride solution with organic essential oils of lavender and scots pine.

 4 fl oz bottle with fine mist sprayer.

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