in honor of Sagittarius season we have crafted a magical incense appropriate for the elements, ruling planet, and energies of the house of vision. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, “wild fire” I like to think of it. It is not your spark, nor your hearth, it is the fire that has consumed energy here and now needs to go there, action on the move. Sagittarius is ruled by jolly ol Jupiter, the great benefic- good doo-er. The Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, and represented by the arrow of true aim, and groovy as a day tripper, one way ticket yeah, so I found out. 
We took some plants ruled by Jupiter embodied with the fire like energy, ground them up and mixed them in a bowl, stirred up a little ceremony and out popped these cones, 10 per pack. There’s just a few and when they’re gone, welp, see ya next Sagittarius season. 

Mood: gonna take my shoes off for this song, good humor,  nothing but net from downtown, firing on all cylinders, when you wish upon a star, Lambeau Leap, extraordinary seer-ship, chuckles

Body: Hips, Muscular system, Motor Function, Thighs, Liver

Ingredients: wild sages, pinion pine, Cassia Cinnamon, clove, Makko Bark

Each batch of incense is made with the finest botanicals, and nothing else.  These are some hand rolled cone incense made only with plants.  On the contrary, much of the incense found in the market today uses creepy and nasty ingredients, artificial fragrances and accelerants that are harmful to breathe such as salt peter.  

These just old school hand rolled herbs.  

This product contains 10 hand rolled incense cones in a recyclable tin container.