Oracle of Delphi was blended as best I could recall from my past life to be exactly the same incense used in the caves of the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece.  It is reminiscent of waves striking the rocks outside as inside we create nets of smoke to capture inspiration and interpret dreams, use tools of seership, scrying, and decode the songs of birds and dolphins.  

Mood: Dream Journal, Tarot Cards, Busting up writer's block, Crystal clearing, Big decision

Body: Third Eye, Crown, Throat

Ingredients: Labdanum, Galbanum, Bay Leaf, Mastic, Cedar, and Makko Bark

Each batch of incense is made with the finest botanicals, and nothing else.  These are some hand rolled cone incense made only with plants.  On the contrary, much of the incense found in the market today uses creepy and nasty ingredients, artificial fragrances and accelerants that are harmful to breathe such as salt peter.  

These just old school hand rolled herbs.  

This product contains 10 hand rolled incense cones in a recyclable tin container.