Aquarius Back-flow Incense Blend:

The days of Aquarius, when the air is cold and the ground is frozen, is a fertile environment for logic and truth. This humanitarian sign bears this torch of illumination, not with fire, but with a current streaming down from the heavens- hence the symbolism of water bearer.

What remains puzzling to the Aquarius is why truth fans the flames of an emotional response in so many- the constant struggle to be in this world, but not of it. Ontology vs epistemology, now that’s a topic of interest for the scientist philosopher born of this sign of air in its maximized and most fixed state!

Air is the element of the intellect- “I know,” the Aquarius pipes in like a frosty wind chime, blended into the sonic environment.  The only thing that is shocking to the water bearers is the static electrical charge they carry.


We designed a back-flow cone to illustrate the concept of water bearer, the air sign. The botanicals chosen help embody the mind and senses while taking flight to the imagination. Lavender and damiana settle the nerves. Pine, the stately monarch of the deep winter, gives us structure and circulation. And a big fat hunk of benzoin satisfies the sweet tooth of even the most exiled cave dwelling hermit, and that’s a fact.

Facts are nice, but they’re like sprinkles on the Aquarius’ donut- probably gonna scrape them off and study them under their pocket microscope iPhone attachment later. The cream filling, now that’s the unchanging Truth. A gift of the sweet, sweet incarnation...and a sweet blend of incense flowing down, from the peak of the mountain back towards the ground where all the others dwell.


Mood:  Zeus’s eagle abducting a 5G tower for all eternity, expelled from Hogwarts for sharing all the information with muggles on a non-monetized YouTube channel, not the person who brings the reptile to a street festival -but the reptile, reads this post starting from HERE and continues outwards in a spiral, quantum vibrations in the key of A tuned to 432hz, cold hands cold heart hot coffee, discovered all encoded symbolism in a mural in the duration it takes to smoke a cigarette, pedantic ramblings without making eye contact, covering head with a pillow at night otherwise random Akashic downloads will not allow any sleep, interrupts emotional conversations to awkwardly change subject about moon landing hoax, hanging a bouquet of St. John’s wort over the doorway to prevent the entry of unwelcome spirits.


Body: nervous system, circulatory system, ankles


(This strange author’s sun sign is Aquarius, dear reader, and found it very satisfying tinkering with this weird project)