What: Three days of herb walks, medicine making, and community building guided by Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs and Root Radical Herbal Academy.

Why:  We stand with our arms outstretched carrying the weight of the torch of the oral tradition passed down from our ancestors, standing as a witness of the wonder of nature, in silent conversation with the spirit of the plants, our allies in this realm.  It is through presence, community, myth, science, practice and experience are we able to capture all the pieces of what we need to continue to serve each other, our environment and our own unique purpose as given by the Creator of all things, and that includes the medicine found in the natural world.  We carry the torch to pass it on ahead of us.   

When: Classes take place from 10 am - 4 pm with a lunch break.  Classes will meet rain or shine on Sundays of June 23rd, July 21st and August 11th.  Students must be able to commit to these dates.  There are no makeup dates.  

Where:  Classes will be held in the local wilds around Southeast Wisconsin in the presence of the plants, each other and the fresh air.  Each class will be a stationed at it's own location so we may learn about diverse geographic regions.  Some classes may extend up to 50 miles from the center of the city of Milwaukee.  We can plan a ride share for longer excursions.  One class may include and extra fee to park (such as a State Park or something similar), that's to be determined.  

More What: Each class will begin the day with a meditation and movement exercise to tap into the self in relation to the land.  We will move through the trails and learn about plants, take a break for lunch, and create some medicine at each occasion.  Students will leave each day with medicine that is made in the field, though we will not be foraging on public land, only on private land with permission of the caretaker.


We may be walking on uneven and rocky trails, sometimes even muddy.  There will be slopes, but mostly the trails will be easy peasy with the occasional slope and "watch your step."  It is the wild, afterall.

Make sure to bring enough water to drink. 

I’ll make sure the places we do herb walks have a public bathroom or at least a porta-potty.

Bug repellent.

A notebook and a pen.

A packed lunch. (I'd like to entertain the possibility of breaking the class in two groups, one group brings a dish for a pot luck in July, another brings a dish for a potluck in August.  We can chat more about that when we meet.). 

The right footwear and attire. 

Capacity of 20 students.

Medicine making involves: flower essences, and infusion, aromatic sacred incenses, foraging group projects and more.