(Inquire to Tippecanoeherbs@gmail.com for discount tickets.  I have 3 only.)

For this 14th Annual event we’re retuning to a previous beloved site nesting high above the small Colorado town of Durango, featuring as it does famously breathtaking mountain views, and with the very inexpensive lodging and nearby forested campsites needed by the treasured low-income members of our plant healer tribe.  

For 4 incredible days and nights you will be blessed with your choice of over 100 information-filled presentations and hands-on workshops, all while experiencing an empowering and transformative journey like none other –– the furthering of your blossoming abilities and chosen practices, a heartful healing quest, and thus a truly powerful tale to tell!

Herbalists, alchemists, craftspeople and artists of all kinds, wildly talented, deeply intelligent and, on occasion, just plain odd, the presenters and the participants at the Good Medicine Confluence represent a frontier of human understanding and experience. You won’t find a more inspiring gathering of healers and craftspeople than this one, no where else can you share your latest recipe for absinthe, refine your salve, lotion, and cream preparations, compare notes on meads, oxymels, and acetracts, and then talk about crucible steel, astrologically informed spagyrics or wild foraging your next meal… here is the most uniquely diverse gathering of incredible human talent that you will see anywhere. Come and have your eyes opened to a wide world of wonder that you only dreamed possible.” -   -Dr. Kenneth Proefrock

Kyle from Tippecanoe Herbs will be teaching 3 classes:

Medicine of the World Tree - a cosmological journey of medicine and myth from the forest floor to the canopy, as within - so without

The world tree is a symbolic representation of the unmoving central axis that joins the wheel of cyclical time bound on Earth and the eternal wheel of heaven.  Is there a true axis at the center of the realm, or is it a fractal form repeating in nature all the way down to the individual in the curvy pine in our own body, our s-pine?  This class will explore the symbolism of the monad in nature as expressed in various cultural reverence for trees, as well as the medicine supplied in physical, communal, and spiritual forms.

Astro Aromatics Incense Making Workshop - smellemental, spellemental, zodiacal medicine making

The aromatic quality of a plant projects the perception of senses beyond the center of being, enlivening and electrifying vitality, subtly transforming a common moment to one of sorcery - that is, exploration of the source.  The craft of hand-rolled botanical incense proffers a practice to making medicine and tuning into simple patterns in a greater cosmology.  This interdisciplinary workshop tethers the medicinally foundational quality of aroma to the elemental aspects of the zodiac. 

Reclaiming Vitalism and Nature’s Terrain -  using science, logic, and the imagination for the possible causes of disease and applications for health

“Quality of health or Quantity of health,” that is the tense question on the surface of the bubble of an inflated paradigm.  Do the laws of logic and the scientific method even apply to the prevailing paradigm of so-called evidence based medicine, or has the tail of the dog wagged so far into dog-ma?  Humbling as it is, it appears that the farthest frontiers of the future of medicine actually go back in time, constantly validating age-old wisdom and redefining traditional nomenclature to describe the phenomena of symptomology for our times.  As the people take precedence and look inward to claim their own healing power, standing firmly upon the precepts of vitalism, shedding the toxic conditioning of victim consciousness, we too, the healing guides are called to become aware of blind spots, sharpen our intuition, find the courage to put the iron into the fire and melt away the fallaciousness, tamper the mettle of truth that will sustain for all time, and to have the same humility and curiosity to explore the quality and quantity of medicinal gifts in the body and this living world.