Frankincense, also known as its botanical name Boswellia has been highly regarded for centuries. It is prized as an anti inflammatory relieving topical pain, especially as it pertains to joints. Pine is similar in properties, though I find it extremely useful in healing a bug bite.  I’m not sure if I created this because it is practical as medicine, or because it smells so dang good. It doesn’t matter. Use this as you please. Put it on some pulse points to carry that bright, clean smell of the hot forest. Put it on your joints to ease discomfort. Carry it with you as you hike to soothe the initiations of pesky mosquitoes and biting flies.
Organic essential oils of frankincense (Boswellia serrata) and Pine in a base of cold pressed organic jojoba oil.

this blend is available in a roll on container that is .30 fl oz