Ing: Cacao nibes, Amber Resin, Yarrow, Cayenne infused in Rosehip Oil, Cocoa Butter, vitamin E Oil, Amber absolut, Cacao absolut.

Smells amber and chocolate with a soft milky texture, and warms the area quickly.  Not advised to put on sensitive areas like the cheeks or lips, but works great for the periphery and torso of the body.  

 comes in a 1 oz amber jar

The word electricity comes from the ancient Greek word for amber, ἤλεκτρον (electron) and later the Romanized word electrum.  Ancient cultures observed that when amber stone resin was rubbed, that it would attract light objects towards it, such as hair, in what we now call static electricity which is somewhat of a misnomer as there is continuous motion in the electromagnetic field around the amber.  

Amber is a fossilized resin in the heartwood of trees, such as pine and is valued for it’s scent, it’s medicinal qualities, and the subtle magic of attraction. The Etruscans valued it so highly that I have read accounts that a artisanal piece was worth more than a man’s life (“a slave in stout health”)

This is a featured herb in our aquarius box set.  I’ve produced a cacao and rosehip body butter infused with the resin of amber as well as cacao nibs in what I call “Electric Chocolate,” very helpful for stimulating electric circuit of the blood, nerves, and magnetic field of attraction, if not by scent alone, but also for the beautiful sharing, flowing and humanitarian essence of the herbs therein.  

This is a limited batch made for the season.