Aphrodisiacs are ancient ways of using herbal medicine to connect our desires to our embodied states. The heightening of our senses, the stimulation of movement of energy in the body, the ways in which we let go of tension that inhibits our experiences - these are ways these plants have been used as well as the intentions of this formula. 
this is an herbal tea, caffeine free.  Each bag contains 60 grams  

it contains only 100% organic ingredients- no weird and creepy artificial or “natural” flavors and colors. Just herbs. 
Damiana- a plant that stimulates blood flow to the nether regions of the body

Linden- a gentle flora taste, softening, *ahem* moistening

Cinnamon- a classic aphrodisiac, adds familiar flavor and sensual stimulation 

Rose Petals- the highest vibrations, opens the heart space to joy

Stevia- sweet!  This will surely sweeten the pot  

Cardamom- is another classic aphrodisiac spice, useful to marry the flavors of the ingredients  

Vanilla- one of the most exotic, erotic the original Madagascar orchid bean.