Hand Rolled Aries Blend 

Once upon a time there was something that used to be so crazy, so foolish that anyone who tried it was bound to fail. Then a courageous and brave Aries came over and said “what’s the big deal?” Aries began, it skinned its knees a few times but hey, got back up without much ado and now anyone can do it. (If they’re brave enough) “Yeah I did it, wanna see my scar?”  That’s how it goes when the cycle begins again. Aries in the lead is a happy and thriving Aries. Don’t fall too far behind or Aries will loose interest and move to something else to begin. And definitely don’t get too far ahead of Aries either.

This is the first sign of the zodiac and its elements is fire, the mode is cardinal. The spark from the knife to the flint.  The power that comes in the spring to ignite the trees to bud, to inspire the sap to flow, to motivate the seeds to germinate, to shake some action and bust out at full speed a force 1 million times stronger than all of the atomic bombs in existence. This is the power of Aries, ruled by Mars the planet of action. Aries classic motto is “I am,” but nowadays I hear Aries bark “Lets go now.” and “Better to ask forgiveness than permission”. This is a sign that meets challenges head on like the ram. Without hesitation we have forged a confident incense for a bold sign.  Willpower. It’s now or never. This is a limited batch.

Dragons blood resin was collected as a trophy from one of Aries random battles slaying large fire breathing beasts.

Red wine and hibiscus fortifies that blood.

Propolis was a gift from the bees. Aries has respect for bees as well as any creature who openly carries a tail-sword, head-shield, or stab-tooth. And by respect I mean prepared to fight them with honor, of course.

Some cassia cinnamon to sweeten for a very brief moment, some clove to sharpen the air.

Copal and cedarwood to evaporate the last piles of snow.

And to put a very fine point on it we took the incense cones and impaled them with a stick. So now they are like mini spears for mini martian combat.


Mood: Bruce Lee ripping off Chuck Norris’s red chest hair in the Colosseum of Rome, stopping the microwave 1 second before it ends, wearing armor while sitting on the throne, a throne that belonged to someone else less than a fortnight ago, unbuttoned flannel with cut off sleeves, opening the door before opportunity can even knock, welcoming change as if it were an honored guest with a very strong handshake, getting out of bed, using any opportunity to say in an Australian accent “That’s nawt a knoife...this is a knoife” while whipping out a big knife, stealing the Declaration of Independence before the bad guy does.


Body: Forehead, Brain, Iron in the bloodstream,  Top row of teeth (which are the sharpest), Willpower.