Box includes:

Adrenal Courage Tincture:  Extracts of fresh nettle in various stages, the leaf, the root, the seed, supported with a fresh borage extract and borage flower essence.  All harvested by hand from my garden.  Feel the support to start something challenging, and finish it, without burnout.  

Aries Tea- Ram Run:  A blend of Yerba mate, brahmi, hibiscus and a pinch of red pepper.  Stimulating to the mind, the circulation, the digestion, the day.  Add some tea to sparkling water for a refreshing a cool eastern wind.  

Haries Aries Hair Toner:  A decoction of nutritive and mineral rich herbs that support hair growth, break up oils on the scalp that lead to itchiness and dandruff, and invigorate the follicles.  First extracted in water, then vinegar.  We added a hydro distillation of Rama tulsi, Aloe and rosemary essential oil.  Spray on after washing the hair.  Leave on and comb in, option to rinse.  

Aries Incense Blend:  High quality botanicals rolled by hand.  Resin of dragon’s blood, cassia, clove, copal and cedar.  No fragrances or funny business, this is straight up medicinal quality incense.  

Mini Zine: Art and writing on Aries