“The Water Bearer is the element of air with the quality of being fixed.  Fixed energy is the container for the season, and Aquaurius as a sign of fixed air holds the essence of the winter in its urn.  The depiction of Aquarius shows this urn as overflowing, being poured out, and this is where we get the combination of water (aqua) and air in the name Aquarius, which is not a water sign, but instead the densest form of the air element.  Aquarius is the only zodiacal sign that is not depicted as an animal - it is known as “the humanitarian sign,” giving its waters above for the benefit of all, but I would argue it is truly “the angelic sign.”  -excerpt from the zine

Box includes:

Electric Chocolate Body Butter: Cacao, Amber Resin and Cayenne in Rosehip Oil, Cocoa Butter and Amber absolut


Electric Being: Nervous system and circulation formulation, an extract of Lion’s Mane, Yarrow, Blue Vervain and more


Aquarius Tea: Cacao Nibs, Damina, Rose Petals and Cassia Cinnamon


Aquarius Blend Backflow Incense: Palo Santo, Lavender, Damiana and Pine