Root Radical Herbal Academy and Tippecanoe Herbs Presents: Astro Herbal Weekly, Herbs of Aries

In these classes we will explore a plant's virtues, story telling and lore, traditional uses, its corresponding zodiac sign, medicine making tips, and herbal energetics. This course is a great way to accelerate your studies in astrology meanwhile boosting your medicine cabinet, as well as a developing a comprehensive Materia Medica of a large dispensatory of medicinal herbs.

These are classes from the Herb of the Week Course.  Over 7 hours of lessons with a focus on learning the spirit of the herbs while combining astrology, history, cosmology, mythology, anecdotal experience, and medicine making.  
Classes are downloadable audio classes with a bonus video class.
  • Evergreens - "Herbs of the Holidays"
  • Elder - "Witchwood and Fairy Mother"
  • Solomon's Seal - "Seal the Deal"
  • Mullein - "Wolley Mully"
  • *Bonus Video* Syncro-Mystic Roundtable Discussion of Capricorn, Herbs and Symbolism

After purchasing this class, we will manually enter your name and email to our educational portal at Rootradical.org.  You will be set up with an account and prompted by email to set up a password so that you may access and download the classes.  They can be listened to on the mobile app as well.  This process may take up to 24 hours. 

Who: Each plant lesson will be guided by herbalist Kyle Denton, founder of Tippecanoe Herbs and Root Radical Herbal Academy

Where: Classes will be available on the Thinkific platform.  You'll be provided with a link once you enroll. Learn anywhere you can listen, and listen anytime, at your own pace.

Why:  Because learning herbs is better described as building a relationship with herbs; It takes time.  Give yourself a pace where you can fully immerse in the relationship building process.  

Cultivate patience in learning. Develop relationship with the cycles of nature, with the plants and their medicine by pacing

When I began my part on the plant path, I was captivated by the amount of information to learn. My heart had been opened and I wanted to be with it all, but my mind could not keep up. Every time I picked up a new herb book I was left with more questions. Every page I turned I wanted to know that plant, smell it, taste it, make tea with it, heal with it, grow with it.

I found a teacher that gave me sage advice. She said something like, "Learn 1 herb every week. Just 1 herb a week. Sit with it, make tea with it, draw it, study it inside and out. You'll have a relationship with them."

It gave me incentive to cultivate my patience and be present for the cycles of growth that are inherent in the studies of nature. 

Join at anytime and study when its best for you.

By nature of this product giving access to digital downloads of content, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

All classes are hosted on our educational portal for the Root Radical Herbal Academy at Rootradical.org