Belly Brain Bitters- Featuring Lavender and Milky Oats, Wood Betony and Chamomile, this blend is calming to the excesses of the mind so that the inner work becomes the focus of energy.

(This is a limited batch we made for our Virgo box set, but it turned out so unbelievably well that I made a bigger batch.)

This batch features Lavender, an herb that connects the body and mind into one time and place, centering and balancing while releasing tension to the exterior. This lavender is my reserve, top shelf batch, grown and harvested in my garden. It flavors the bitters and compliments the other nervines to achieve a pleasant flow state in the gut mind. 

Another herb that I’m excited to feature here is Wood Betony. Some fast words to help learn Wood Betony’s virtues are that this is a plant useful for 

Tension Headaches

Improving Gut Instinct 

Healing Digestion

But you know I’m all about nuance and minutia, “the angel is in the details” I like to say. 

I joke about Wood Betony’s ancient title of panacea (something that heals everything) and call it Be - Tony. “Aye Tony…You gotta problem? Ayyyyyye Fuggitabout it.” It's a really simple herb, but the simplest thing about it is the most complicated thing to explain. Which is relevant to our dear Virgo energy, constantly improving on simple and reducing to its most pure form. This plant fits perfectly into the Virgo archetype, which I explained in my Herb of the Week Series episode last week.

I’ve noticed sometimes people are put off by the names in astrology, so allow me to speak more simply. When I talk about balancing Virgo, I’m talking about healing an energetic pattern that blocks up the digestion in the body with tension on account of overthinking, and stress that one put on themselves. This leads to headaches, digestive disorders including bloating and cramping, inability to breakdown, absorb or eliminate what is consumed, feeling dirty, the feeling of being overworked, under appreciated, and general nervousness.

This is a listing for 1 oz tincture with herbs extracted in purified water and alcohol.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ask your health provider if you have questions.