When it comes to allergies, the herbalist perspective is to treat conditions. When there is leaky, drippy, runny nose and watery eyes , then you'll want an astringent herb to tighten and tone the mucous membranes they contact. If congestion is present, an aromatic herb will open up the pathways. A demulcent and mucilage rich herb will cover the mucous cells with a nice protective layer to soothe and cool inflamed tissues. Add some nutritive, mineral rich herbs for your health. And of course you'll want to support your nervous system from freaking out and fighting every piece of dust like it is the the pathogen to end the world- a nice nervine to calm your frazzled nerves, allow you to adapt to the season of discontent, and give you a moment of reprieve. That's the idea here.
Made with 100% organic and lovingly wildcrafted herbs from Midwestern prairies and forests.
Gotu Kola
Marshmallow Leaf 
Bilberry Leaf

This listing is for 60 g (2.11 oz) in a resealable bag

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