This is one of the finest and most effective products we make. This is not simply an anti inflammatory or pain relieving salve, though it does both of those very effectively. The heart of this formula are herbs intended to restore tone to joints.

Solomon’s Seal is an amazing herb that has an amphoteric effect on ligaments (tightens if the are loose, loosens if they are tight) and works with the synovial fluid, which makes this a great remedy for popping/cracking dry joints. There are herbs which stimulate blood flow to an area (cayenne, arnica, prickly ash). There are herbs which are indicated for scar tissue (mullein) and herbs that help with nerve tissue repair (St John Wort).  I have many many testimonials of the effectiveness of this product. I certainly recommend it for old and new injuries, chronic and acute. 

contains 100% organic ingredients 

cold pressed pumpkin seed oil infused with:
Solomon’s Seal
St Johns Wort
Prickly Ash
Castor oil
Vitamin E
Camphor Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Mindfully made in small batches in Milwaukee Wi