Available in a 4 oz sized jar and an 8 oz sized jar.

This cocoa mix is packed with adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and high quality fair trade organic raw cacao and cocoa powder, made in the Aztec style with warming spices.

I love to add a teaspoon to my pot of coffee for an extra boost of caffeine and warming stimulation. I also love to sip a warm cup made in milk at the end of the day.

Every New Years, I go to the upper peninsula of Michigan and harvest chaga. I get a small amount that I can use for select formulas. This is one, made in small batches with exceptional ingredients.

Contains 100% organic and lovingly wildcrafted herbs.
Shiitake mushroom
Marshmallow root
Chipotle pepper
And a whole vanilla bean- not the creepy vanilla powder extract.

Listing is available for 8oz jar weighing 3 net oz or 4 oz jar weighs 1.5 oz.

FDA disclaimer:
This product is not intended to treat diagnose or cure. Consult with your health professional if you have questions.