Have you wanted to work with an herbalist to learn more about ways to incorporate the gifts of nature to support holistic health?

Book an educational herbal consultation with community herbalist, Kyle Denton.

Choose from one of the options:

  • Pit Stop at the Shop and Custom Formula: a 15 minute chat and leave with a custom formula and education, all included.


  • In-Person Holistic Herbal Consultation Package: this package consists of 3 sessions.
    • Session 1 takes place while sitting and drinking a cup of tea while we talk for an hour at our herb shop.  At the end of this appointment Kyle can craft custom formulas in-house, or make any other herbal and lifestyle references for your education.  
    • Session 2 takes place 3 weeks later for a 15 minute check in either in person or by phone. At this appointment we can refill any custom remedies or shift the strategy as the healing journey dictates.  
    • Session 3 is identical to the previous, another three weeks or a total of 6-8 weeks after the initial visit for one last check in.


    • Remote Biofield Tune-up, Custom Formula and Herbal Consultation Package: This is the top tier package utilizing Kyle’s best tools to listen in to the story of the body.  This consists of 3 sessions.
      • Session 1 is an hour long remote auric tuning using tuning forks.  In this session Kyle will assess the dissonant patterns of pockets of trauma in the etheric aura of the electromagnetic field of the body.  Using the fork as a guide, the client can adjust their own field to restore harmony.  Kyle will then create a custom herbal formula to assist the client’s integration of new habits and ship it to them with detailed instructions.  This session will also include many educational pieces to support the path of a holistic lifestyle.
      • Session 2 will take place 3-4 weeks later as a 15 minute remote session.  In this session we can re-tune any parts of the etheric body and refill the herbal formula for an extra charge if needed.  
      • Session 3 is identical to session 2 taking place 3-4 weeks after it, or 8-10 weeks after the initial session.  

    For educational purposes only.  Not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent illness.   This is not considered medical advice.  For medical advice please see your licensed health provider.  

    Here at Tippecanoe Herbs, we work with energetic expressions of the body (in terms like "hot," "cold," "damp," "dry," "tension," "relaxation," etc.) and offer an educational approach to support the individual so that they may incorporate their own version of balance and health.  By signing up the client agrees that they are the ones with the power to heal, that they are ready to put an end to the cycle of victimization and villainization of their body, and that they understand what has been written above.