Here’s a creation we made for the pregnant women our lives. Serena, our owner uses this daily to tone, smooth and moisturize her growing baby belly. As she mentioned noticing the difference on one day she forgot to use it,  “the skin on my belly feels tight and tense. It makes a huge difference when I use it.”  So that’s the idea for formulation when we infused the herbs into the oil. Herbs that nourish, first and foremost. Herbs that tone, so that growing and expanding skin feels in shape. And herbs that provide a gentle feeling of calming and relaxation.

The herbs and oil in this blend have been traditionally used to prevent stretch marks.
There is no scent or fragrance or essential oils added as they can be pretty stimulating and can be contraindicated to pregnancy. 

Recommended use over womb, breast and in the genera baby growing area. 
This product is 100% organic herbs in organic cold pressed oil. These herbs are considered sage and have been used in pregnancy for generations. 
Avocado Oil infused with

Raspberry Leaf





Rosemary extract antioxidant 

Vitamin E Oil

product comes in a 2 oz pet bottle with flip top lid for easy application.