Interview: Mustards, invasive species or courageous superfood - Permaculture Princess Podcast

Kyle Denton


Permaculture Princess Podcast Interview

This is episode number 32 and today we are diving into the world of Mustards! This episode was inspired after hearing many complain about and spray herbicides on garlic mustard. Many of us have been told that garlic mustard is an “invasive species”, and yet, I have learned that all plants have strengths and weaknesses! Today is about recognizing the amazing benefits of the mustard family, including and especially, garlic mustard!

Today’s plant feature will be totally new! Today, my friend Kyle Denton who is the herbalist and owner of Tippecanoe Herbs in Milwaukee Wisconsin, will be my in-house expert on all things Wild Mustard! If you want to know a little bit about Kyle and his background, he was on episode number 23.

And while I will play the part of interviewer today, the next 2 plant features will be a Tippecanoe takeover, as in Kyle will be choosing 2 plants to feature, sometime mid summer and sometime later summer/early fall, and he will be sharing all the things with us, on this podcast! I am so thrilled for this transition, and I am hopeful you will love the plant features, as well as love a different and arguably more educated voice in the realm of plants and the way they can influence us, our families, and the landscapes around us!

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