Interview: Herbs, Foraging & a Jingle w/ Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs - Permaculture Princess Podcast

Kyle Denton
This is Episode #23 and I have the pleasure of introducing you to someone I have only known for the last year, or so, but has made a HUGE impact on the lives in my community and family! Kyle Denton is an herbalist here in the Milwaukee area, and he and his wife, Serena are owners of “Tippecanoe Herbs”. Kyle is so well versed on herbs and the way herbal medicine can be utilized to enhance our health, so I am beyond excited to sit back and let him share some knowledge with us! My immune system and overall health have benefited greatly from his herbal mixtures, tinctures and concoctions, but I have also enjoyed the education he shares through fun jingles and entertaining stories! This guy is full of joy and he shares his gift with sincerity and intelligence, so without further ado, you might as well start smiling now, because Kyle will absolutely brighten your day! 

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