Box Includes:

  • Rose oxymel: Rose petals and hips, marshmallow root, linden infused into vinegar and honey. Heart zinging refreshment! 
  • Rose Mallow Tallow Balm: a creamy tallow balm for face and skin infused with organic whole herbs of Rose petals, raspberry leaf, marshmallow root infused into organic tallow and rosehip oil, with rose absolut
  • Facial Toner: Sandalwood hydrosol with Aloe Vera and Rosewater. 
  • Botanical Perfume: marzipan, vanilla sweetness spray from an extract of organic tonka beans and musk seeds. Easy, clean, sexy, sweet.
  • Taurus Incense: Hand rolled cones of sweet grass, vetiver, rose, sandalwood, orris. No headache chemicals or funny business, only high quality botanicals. 
  • A Mini Zine with writing, and art on the sign of Taurus


whenever there is the princess archetype in the zodiac or in the natural word, there is a presence of the prince, Mars as well. Plants of mars have weapons to run cover for the princess in the flower to bloom with the most delicate petals. It’s often repeated that the rose flower has the highest vibration of any plant, though I have not been able to verify the methods to obtain that information, it is still known at the most sattvic, or peaceful plant in the Ayurvedic tradition. This play between opening to the vulnerability of blooming beauty while protecting the heart space and boundaries is a major key to the medicine in this box. Rose forms the same 5 petaled patterns as the movement of the luminary Venus relative to a geocentric observation. This stately princess is the chief delegate of the rose family at the council of the plants in the center of the etheric world. Rose is also the ambassador of the Rose Oxymel, which sends a cool moment of peace and joy on first sip, infused into the tallow for the astringent and toning effect, and to set the vibe of: only the best things in life that is hand rolled into each incense, 


Venus and the moon both share a cool, watery energy. It’s cool, it's mellow, preparing for maximum suppleness - just like the medicine of the marshmallow. Another 5 petaled beauty, the emollient qualities of marshmallow help the body to retain and renew moisture, while letting go of stagnancy (just like the environment of a marsh) in the body. Marshmallow is a wonderful herb for soothing inflammation in the lining of the mucous membranes; the sinuses, the lungs, the intestines, the voice. Sing like a beauty with marshmallow and linden in the Rose oxymel and marshmallow infused into rose oil for the tallow cream. This marshmallow comes to use from longtime friends the Flower Farm WI.

All in all a value of $56 for $48.44