HERBAL ABLE - the Interactive Online Foundations of Herbal Medicine 7 Month Course


April through October 2023

What is covered in this course

Foundational models of energetics from these perspectives:

  • the 6 tissue states of western herbalism 
  • the three doshas of ayurveda
  • the new biology of a coherent bio field terrain

Students will be supplied with a medicine making bundle pack that includes several herbs and items for building a home apothecary.  These packages will be mailed out a week before the class begins on April 1st.

Medicine making such as: 

  • Infused oils 
  • salves
  • oxymels
  • tea blending
  • tinctures
  • hydrotherapy
  • incense and aromatic medicine

In depth modules covering: 

  • digestion
  • the respiratory system 
  • the nervous system
  • the immune system
  • the urinary and kidney system
  • the circulation system
  • the musculoskeletal system
  • astrology from a fundamental energetic and archetypal influence

Homework, feedback, and a final project.

Foundations on energetic boundaries through movements and practice

Understanding plant communication as presented through the senses

Exploration of the plants through online “herb walks”

A group discussion forum for community building and idea sharing

A live discussion every month through the course

A medicine making bundle pack including herbs and items to build a home apothecary

25% off bulk herbs from our shop for the calendar year

This course will take place over 7 months from April through October.  The course can be taken at your pace through our online classroom.  

Online classroom:

At the beginning of every month I will add to the online classroom a new pre-recorded lesson pertaining to a particular topic (ie the digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, etc).  These lessons will include medicine making tutorials relevant to the homework assignments.  You will also find video recorded herb walks, as well as audio.  These lessons will consist of 8 hours of study to be absorbed at your own pace.  On the second Thursday of every month we will begin our live classes.  We will meet online over zoom on these evenings from 6-8 pm for a Q and A / lesson recap / homework review.  You can submit any questions in advance via email, or jump in live.  This will be more of a roundtable classroom.  These will be recorded and added to the online classroom as well.  All in all there will be about 56 hours of class study content over the 7 month course, 8 hours per month.  

The students will be expected to participate through homework of medicine making and quizzes which can account for an additional 3  hours of study per month.

After the last class there is a 4-week grace period for downloading content. The online classroom will close on October 11/22/2023

What you will need to provide: 

While I will be sending you several herbs and items for your homework, there are a few items in the course that will be up to the student to acquire you will need to provide such as: 

Vinegar or fruit scraps and sugar to make your own vinegar

Honey for the oxymel course

Alcohol or glycerine for the tincture course

A wooden plank for incense rolling - (I use an old scrap from a fence and a piece of plywood that I found)

The oil of your choice for the infused oil course

Containers for your finished products


Dates: (note, the monthly lesson will be uploaded to the classroom on the 1st of the month)


Q and A: 13th



Q and A: 11th



Q and A: 8th



Q and A: 11th



Q and A: 10th



Q and A: 9th



Q and A: 12th



the cost of the course is $1,000 - there is an early bird sale that ends January 31st for $125 off the total price.  


Who is this course for? 

For those who desire a greater understanding of their own health from a holistic perspective and a focused lens of herbal medicine.

For those who have a desire to serve the needs and nurture the health of their family, friends and community.

For those who have been called to explore and honor the gifts of the earth.

For those who have been learning herbal medicine and want to expand their knowledge, but wish for a strong foundational base to build the structure of information.

For those who garden or forage and wish to have a deeper relationship with the virtues of the plants in their environment.  

For those who are interested in the craft and skill of herbal medicine making.

For those who wish to find like minded individuals to build bonds and community through lessons and class.

For those who would like to see the wild places of our area with new eyes by knowing more intimately the “trees from the forest,” and finding plant allies along the paths which we share.

For those who are courageous enough to see things as they truly are even if they stand against long held beliefs; there is no lie in nature.  


About the instructor:

Hi, my name is Kyle Denton.  You may know me as a community herbalist and the co-owner of Tippecanoe Herbs and Apothecary.  I have a deep appreciation for the Creator’s creation, nature, where there is no lie.  The philosophy that I study and practice is what I would call Bio-Terrain Vitalism.  I accept that the subtle informs the gross, the unseen influences the seen, spirit begets material.  I teach that health and disease are influenced from the inputs of spirit, emotional/mental and finally the physical.  All three of these pieces can affect each other in this model.  I use the term “Bio-terrian Vitalist” as I see a holistic picture with many facets that can affect the vital terrain of a living being, including living men and women. Nature is constantly affirming the proof of over-unity, abundance, coherence and the self ordering and self organizing principle.  I see all dis-ease as deficiency, separation, dissonance from this principle of coherence.  This is how I work with plant medicine; to encourage coherence in one’s bio-field.  In my view the plants are not the savior, they are not doing the work or healing, they are helpers to remind us of our innate design for health and vitality and encourage us to take the responsibility of our health, dismantling the victim narratives that separate us from our power and unity with the All.  

In my role as a community herbalist I manage our neighborhood apothecary that manufactures the medicine that we stock in our beautiful herb shop and various other locations, I consult often with clients and customers (sometimes in a more formal clinical setting, but not always), I forage and collect the plants we use, I sell the various medicines at farmers market stands and in our shop of course, and I teach about plant medicine.  Maybe you’ve been to one of my classes or herb walks.  

I was a student of Ayurvedic medicine which is translated as the “Science of life.” In this multifaceted discipline I found the calling of the plants to be my path.  I adapted my studies to include various types of Western Herbalism, learned more about medicine making from local and wild harvested plants and began making custom formulas for my clients.  Next, I started a stand at a farmer’s market and really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of many people.   This interest pulled me away from clinical work and focused more on serving as many local people as possible, finally opening a brick and mortar retail store and apothecary.  I’ve had many wonderful teachers and some difficult lessons, but in all of this journey there have been no greater teachers to me than the plants and the people who come to share their healing journey through plant medicine.  It is my intention to share the deepest lessons that I have received along my own plant path with the students of this course, that they may be connected to the living world of healing found in nature, and my intention that the student may awaken their own unique understanding of herbalism, and teach the tools of discernment for the path may open for each of them.