Milwaukee Peak is the name of the place in the Sagre di Cristos range of the Colorado Rockies that we spent a few days this summer climbing, backpacking, camping, fishing and of course foraging.  In the lower valleys we collected some wild artemesias.  Higher up the bristlecone pine were glimmering with resins in the sun.  Above 11,000 feet there were spruce chock full on pitch  yarrow followed us the whole way.  I only gathered a small amount so this batch is limited.

contains 10 cones per pack 

Mood: Broken in boots, campfire in the Rockies, tent dew,  the perfect fly fish cast, a still pool between two mountains, a forest of happy sappy trees

Body: Heart, Third Eye

Ingredients: Spruce pitch, Bristlecone pine resin and needles, yarrow, mountain sage, Makko Bark

Each batch of incense is made with the finest botanicals, and nothing else.  These are some hand rolled cone incense made only with plants.  On the contrary, much of the incense found in the market today uses creepy and nasty ingredients, artificial fragrances and accelerants that are harmful to breathe such as salt peter.  

These just old school hand rolled herbs.  

This product contains 10 hand rolled incense cones in a recyclable tin container.