Have you ever wanted to expand your experiential knowledge of a plant while learning the skill of plant communication? 

In this free class we embark on a sensory journey and discover the incredible virtues of a mystery plant.  Join us for a unique and immersive experience as we delve into the world of herbal education through a blind herbal tea tasting class. In this group setting, participants will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the herb in a whole new way, using their senses to uncover the hidden qualities and intricate healing qualities  that lie within each cup by tuning into the subtle messages from our body communicating with the tea.  

Participants will be given a cup of the mystery brew, a single herb brewed as tea and asked to share the wonderment of perceptions.  

Once the plant is revealed, we will follow with a lesson on this plant, though the point of the exercise will be to truly know it, with a depth and personal knowing that no teacher or book could ever deliver, for it is a lesson from the plant itself.

There is no charge and no need to sign up, just come on time as we lock the door after we begin so to keep the room free of interruptions.  

Class takes place at our herb shop at 2235 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.   Street parking on KK is free on Sunday