This got chocolate mix is packed with adapogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and high quality fair trade organic raw cacao and cocoa powder, made in the Aztec style with warming spices.

I love to add a teaspoon to my pot of coffee for an extra boost of caffeine and warming stimulation. I also love to sip a warm cup made in milk at the end of the day.

Every New Years, I go to the upper peninsula of Michigan and harvest chaga. I get a small amount that I can use for select formulas. This is one, made in small batches with exceptional ingredients.

Contains 100% organic and lovingly wildcrafted herbs.
Shiitake mushroom
Marshmallow root
Chipotle pepper
And a whole vanilla bean- not the creepy vanilla powder extract.

Listing is available for 8oz jar weighing 3 net oz or 4 oz jar weighs 1.5 oz.

FDA disclaimer:
This product is not intended to treat diagnose or cure. Consult with your health professional if you have questions.