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Monthly herbal lessons live streamed and replay with Kyle Denton and guests.

 "Weave" is a rhetorical concept to describe how a story and lesson can move back and forth, in and out, grabbing onto posts and markers that have already been laid, and developing into an ornate tapestry of ideas and pictures.  Herbs represent the posts, the markers, the points of reference to expand the potential imagination for the complete vision of the lesson.  In the live space with guest teachers, students and their questions, we follow the golden threads of the synchro-mystic to weave the story and lesson of the weeds.  

This is an herbal class after all, but it is not just any old herbal class.  Each month we will present a topic and focus on a few plants as our guideposts.  

Weaving the Weeds with threads of:

  • Plant energetics
  • Tissue states
  • Mythological references
  • Medicine making, and applications
  • Etymology and Green Speech
  • Cultural, historical and religious references
  • Astrology
  • Identification
  • Doctrine of Signatures
  • Ecological functions and habitat
  • Case history and personal anecdotes 
  • Questions as they come up in class

This is a class for students of any level! 

Live class to interact with the teachers and recorded replay.  

The subscriber has access to every previous class.  


The class will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7 - 9 pm Central Time.  (In a rare instance based on other commitments and travel the day may change, but the schedule will be posted each month for notice. )


Live: The class will be live streamed through zoom.  Students will be emailed a link to join 1 day in advance, and a reminder 1 hour in advance.  

Recording: The recordings will be added to the classroom within 24 hours of the class, typically the night they are recorded or the following morning.  

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