Join us this autumn for an 8 week interactive training program to build a foundational model of herbal energetics and medicine making.  

When: Tuesday, February 21st - Tuesday, April 11th

This is an online interactive course.  Registration will remain open until 8/22/2022, but will close early if the class is filled.  

During this 8-week interactive course (2 recorded interactive webinars each week, 1 live class, and downloadable class documents each week for a total of 21 classes, plus bonus herb walks) we will cover the foundational principals of herbalism and learn the skills of herbal medicine making to stock an apothecary for yourself, family and community.  As an interactive course, we will send you some raw materials and teach you how to transmute them into medicine, as well as the skills to continue to do so.

Why a foundational model is important?

In any endeavor, one of my most important goals is to be able to posses the faculties of critical thought to discern information and arrive at my own conclusion.  When it comes to learning about plant medicine, so often is there an appeal to a teacher, book or the internet.  If a foundation is built with simple terms, and practiced often by applying our senses, we begin a relationship with healing and the plant world on solid ground to stand on, a true model to build up from, and a blueprint to come back to when we learn something new.  With a foundation we can cultivate a true knowing of our subject. 

What is covered in this course

Foundational models of energetics:

  • the 6 tissue states of western herbalism - hot, cold, damp, dry, tense, lax
  • the three Doshas of Ayurveda, Pitta, Vata, and Kapha
  • the Doctrine of Signatures for development of 5 senses and spiritual sight for interaction in the natural world

Medicine making such as: 

  • Infused oils/salves
  • vinegar
  • oxymels (vinegar and honey and herbs)
  • tea blending
  • tinctures
  • hydrotherapy

In depth modules covering: 

  • the digestive system
  • the respiratory system 
  • the nervous system
  • the immune system
  • the urinary and kidney system
  • the musculoskeletal system

A live discussion weekly through the course.

Homework, feedback, and a final project.

Understanding plant communication as presented through the 5 senses.  

Tapping into plant communication as presented to the spiritual senses

Basic plant identification

A group discussion forum for community building and idea sharing

Course Details:

Class will begin on September 6th, 2022 with access to our first branch of the material for the program.  Live class sessions will follow each Tuesday evening at 6 pm, Central time. The first live class is September 13th. The final live class is on October 25th.

During the course the student will have access to a classroom library that will have downloads of the lectures, handouts, pictures and activities to help you organize the material.  There will be over 40 hours of material in this course.  

After the last class there is a 4-week grace period for downloading content. The online classroom will close on October 11/22/2022.

We will ship to you the raw material herbs before the course begins.  You will have to provide some of your own materials such as jars, honey, oil for the salve and alcohol for the tincture making sections of course.  (just a couple ounces of each of those) 

Shortly after enrolling, you will be sent an invite to a telegram forum where we can keep in touch and show our work as we progress.  

Who is this course for? 

For those who desire a greater understanding of their own health from a holistic perspective and a focused lens of herbal medicine.

For those who have a desire to serve the needs and nurture the health of their family, friends and community.

For those who have been called to explore and honor the gifts of the earth.

For those who have been learning herbal medicine and want to expand their knowledge, but wish for a strong foundational base to build the structure of information.

For those who garden or forage and wish to have a deeper relationship with the virtues of the plants in their environment.  

For those who are interested in the craft and skill of herbal medicine making.

For those who wish to find like minded individuals to build bonds and community through lessons and class.

About the instructor:

Hi, I’m Kyle Denton and I prefer to write a bio about myself in first person.  I call myself a community herbalist and co-owner of Tippecanoe Herbs and Apothecary in Milwaukee, WI.  In my role as a community herbalist I manage our neighborhood apothecary that manufactures the medicine that we stock in our beautiful herb shop and various other locations, I consult often with clients and customers (sometimes in a more formal clinical setting, but not always), I forage and collect the plants we use, I sell the various medicines at farmers market stands and in our shop of course, and I teach about plant medicine.  Maybe you’ve been to one of my classes or herb walks or heard me talk.  I am motivated by Truth and carried by the Grace of God. My background is in Ayurvedic medicine (I attended a school called Kanyakumari) and Traditional Western Herbalism.  I have had many teachers along the way, but the greatest teachers I find are the everyday gifts in this realm from our Creator. Besides my interests in the natural world and exploration of healing and personal growth, I am a husband and a father.

It is my intention to share the deepest lessons that I have received along my own plant path with the students of this course, that they may be connected to the living world of healing found in nature, the lineages of teachers that inform my personal understanding, to offer how the student may awaken their own unique understanding of herbalism, and teach the tools of discernment for the path may open for each of them.