For the new moon of Pisces, the house of dreams and spirituality we will conduct a home workshop on the use of herbs as instruments in the metaphysical arts of dreaming. 

We send you materials in advance.  You'll get them in the mail and follow along with the class that evening.  In this class you will be working with your personal supply of herbs and using your creations right away. 

The contents of this workshop are focused towards

-Those who are interested in astral projection and more meaningful dreams 

-Those who have vivid dreams and would like to employ herbs to understand them

-Those who wish to deepen their practice with lucid dreaming, visualization and meditation

This is a 2 hour home workshop.  Upon registration we will send to you in the mail a packet of individual herbs and a zine publication to follow along.  On Saturday, March 13th at 6:00 we will gather online for the lesson taught by herbalist Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs.  Class will take place via Zoom, and we’ll send a link with registration.  The class will be recorded and can be viewed for an additional 2 weeks after broadcast.

The deadline to sign up for this class is Monday March 8th at Midnight.  This way all materials can be mailed by the time of class.