Join us at the herb shop for our Zodiac Incense Club on Saturday, February 4th 5 - 7pm as we explore the aromatics of Aquarius and learn how to make our own incense, and blend it for the season.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  We will tie these concepts to the world of aromatics through sensory experience to comprehend these ideas viscerally, as we also cultivate a practice of spiritual sight.  

Participants will be provided raw materials, instruction, handouts to create their own blend and will leave with 15-30 pieces of their own incense and know-how to create again.  

The class is a lesson on plant energetics from the perspective of herbalism and spirituality, the relationship and influence to the sky clock of the zodiac to this process, and a transmutation of this information and intention by way of creating tangible forms with our hands that we can burn with reverence or share as gifts.