The art of blending and smoking herbs for medicine has been practiced all through the world from ancient times through the modern day.  However it is in our modern era that the smoking of plants is often associated with addiction or drug use.  Herbal smoke has been used to calm the mind, establish psychic space for inspiration or problem solving, heal the body, as a vehicle for prayer or intention, and so much more.  We wish to reclaim the purpose, intentions and the medicinal and metaphysical properties of smoke, while passing the torch from our teachers into the next generation.

The contents of this class will be focused towards:

-Those who value ceremony, practice and prayer through smoke

-Those who currently smoke regularly and would like to cut down

-Those who are enthusiasts of smoking and are looking to expand the pleasures and practical knowledge of it


This is a 2 hour home workshop.  Upon registration we will send to you in the mail a packet of individual herbs and a zine publication to follow along.  On Thursday Feb, 11th at 6:30 we will gather online for the lesson taught by herbalist Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs.  Class will take place via Zoom, and we’ll send a link with registration.  The class will be recorded and can be viewed for an additional 2 weeks after broadcast.

The deadline to sign up for this class is Friday Feb 5th at Midnight.  This way all materials can be mailed by the time of class.


What you will need is a clean pipe or rolling papers, and of course internet access for the course.  

Class takes place during the new moon in Aquarius, an air sign that loves etherial space, information, smoke and prayer.