Join us online for a hands-on, guided, home workshop-

Make your own oxymel workshop. 

One of the oldest forms of preserving medicine is what is known as Oxymel.  Oxy mean acid referring to vinegar, mel means honey.  Vinegar and honey each have their own benefits when consumed as well as the purpose of a solvent for the medicine in plants.  As an example, fire cider is an oxymel. 

We send you materials in advance.  You'll get them in the mail and follow along with the class that evening.  In this class you will be working with your personal supply of herbs and using your creations right away. 

In this class we will learn:

How to make our own vinegar

How to work with ratios of herbs, honey and vinegar

The history of oxymels as medicine

The materia medica of the herbs we will use

Each step to making and completing a medicinal oxymel

We supply the herbs!  Participants will register in advance and receive a package containing some medicinal herbs for preparation of the products.  And due to that, registration closes a week before the class.  I will ship the supplies to the name and address that you use to check out. If you need the herbs to go to another address, then let me know in the notes at checkout.

Participants will need to provide their own jars, honey and vinegar.  

Class will take place over zoom and will be recorded. A link will be provided a week in advance of the class.